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There are incredible moments while you are creating where things happen and you might not believe it's coincidence.

Two of those are related to this piece "Crazy Horse". First of it happened when we installed the sculpture in the exhibition room of the Centro Voltaire, a traditional sicilian palazzo with rooms with vaulted ceiling. Crazy Horse is supposed to stand outside in nature and to turn on his axe while blown by the wind. Well, that evening, it was summer and the room hot. Somebody pushed the button for the ceiling ventilator, and like magic Crazy Horse started to turn in a slovely continuus movement. Everybody who came to see the exhibition that night was looking to find the cable or engine, who was connected to the movement of the sculpture. Nobody imagined that it came from the the air blown from the far top of the ceiling .

Ode to Crazy Horse
Ode to Crazy Horse
wire/ hemp/ cord/ paper/ concrete/ metall